Sell your home up to 75% faster with Home Staging.

A Home Stager prepares your property for marketing in order to make it immediately attractive and appealing.

The task of a Home Stager consists in preparing the property for its marketing, whether for rent or sale, by making a positive change in the way it looks and making it instantly appealing.

  • We clean the property thoroughly leaving the spaces empty and clean.
  • We furnish the empty rooms in order to make it easier for the customer to see their full potential.
  • We update the rooms with a neutral and current decor.
  • We update the lighting with its built-in details.
  • We apply sensory strategies through the staging of the spaces.
  • We make sure it is nicely scented as you walk in.
  • We make a professional photographic report.

Properties with Home Staging sell faster. 72% are sold in less than 60 days. A property can lose up to 10% of its value if it stays in the market for more than 24 weeks.


A property with Home Staging can see its value rise up to 37%. Home Staging requires a small investment that will be repaid with the sale of the property.

90 sec

Potential customers decide whether they will buy the property in the first 90 seconds. A good first impression is essential for the success of the sale.

Our Work

Find out through our projects how Home Staging can help you sell or rent your property.